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English-language class. Beginning from April!

From April, I would like to begin a class for foreigners to teach Japanese family cooking in English. The classes will be in English with the language support by Ms Kaaren Kunze. I hope many of you will join this interesting class.


I plan to hold the class seven times a year.

I will take the group to Tsukiji market in May.  In addition to cooking techniques, I will also teach Japanese table manners, how to select the best ingredients and how to preserve them.
I will answer any questions that you have or anything that interests you about Japanese culture.


First class:April 17 (Thur.) 11:00~14:00
Japanese cooking class for Spring.


Tofu and green onion miso soup
How to make dashi (broth).
How to cut the tofu.
How to select and use miso.


Gohan (Steamed rice)
Explanation about buying Japanese rice.
How to steam rice in an earthenware pot.


Ohitashi (Boiled spinach)
How to make the sauce for the spinach.


Syougayaki (Japanese ginger pork )and finely sliced cabbage.


Second class:May 22 (Thur.) 8:00~14:00
Tsukiji market tour and Japanese kaiseki table manners class


How to select the best ingredients.
Japanese table manners at “Asami” (Japanese restaurant) in Ginza.