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The June cooking class with Michiko Matsuda will be held my cooking studio in Ebisu and will be taught in English. The menu will feature the following: Cucumber and Octopus Sunomono (Japanese vinaigrette salad) Teriyaki Swordfish (kajikimaguro) White Rice with Potatoes and Sakura Shrimp (dried shrimp) Miso Soup with Clams Matcha Ice Cream

The class will be held on Thursday, June 19th and will run from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm.
The class is hands on, everyone will get lots of time to work in the kitchen.
There will be a short break in the middle for tea.  During the break we will discuss the recipes and Matsuda Sensei will answer any questions you have about Japanese cooking, cuisine or culture.
After the break, we will put the finishing touches on the dishes and then we will sit down and enjoy the meal together.
The class fee, which includes the lunch, is 7,000 yen.
We ask that you please pay in cash on the day of the class.
You can sign up for the class by e-mailing me or Matsuda studio.
Contact information is listed below.
Hope to see you in the cooking studio on June 19th.