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Vietnamese Cooking Class: Home Style Vietnamese Cooking Tuesday, October 25

Vietnamese Cooking Class: Home Style Vietnamese Cooking


Through hands-on cooking classes, we will teach you about the unique ingredients in Vietnamese cooking, where to shop for your ingredients, and how to make delicious and healthy dishes for your friends and family.  Easy to follow recipes are included for you to recreate the dishes at home! Lunch is included.

Menu: Sweet and Sour Fish Soup, Honey Ginger Chicken, Fried Tofu, and Rice.

Cooking Techniques: This class will focus on understanding basic Vietnamese ingredients, how to balance sweet and sour flavors and textures when making a soup, choose and fry tofu, and stir fry honey ginger chicken with 5 spice powder.

Class Date: Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Time: 10:30 am – 1:30 pm

Max students: 8

Class fee: 8,000 yen (lunch is included)

Studio Location: Michiko Selection Cooking Studio in Ebisu


Jeannine Law-Smith is originally from the US and has lived in Asia for 15 years.  While in Asia, she was able to learn Thai and Vietnamese cuisine from top cooking schools in different regions of Thailand and Vietnam.  In Singapore, she taught Thai and Vietnamese Cuisine at The Pantry Cookery School in Loewen Gardens, and now enjoys teaching at Michiko Selection Cooking Studio.  Her classes focus on authentic, popular dishes that you can easily recreate at home.