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Wednesday, November 8/Japanese Workshop: Fall Fruit

Course Description:  Many fruits are at their best in the fall in Japan.  Join us for a workshop with Michiko Matsuda, an experienced cooking teacher, who will show us how to make yuzu jam (yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit about the size of a tangerine), and an appetizer platter with kaki (persimmons), seaweed and gorgonzola cheese.  We will also discuss different ways to use the yuzu jam you have made.  Recipes will be provided, and you can take home a small jar of homemade yuzu jam!  Tasting of dishes is included.

Workshop date and menu:

Menu: Yuzu jam and appetizer platter featuring kaki (persimmons)

Date: Wednesday, November 8

Time: 10:30 am – 12:30 pm

Max students: 8

Workshop fee: ¥6,000

Studio Location: Michiko Selection Cooking Studio in Ebisu

Teacher: Michiko Matsuda