Our cooking classes focus on Japanese cooking and Southeast Asian cooking.

Michiko’s Japanese Cooking Classes in English

“Enjoy creating healthy meals for your mind and body”

Michiko’s passion for food and impeccable culinary skills draw people to Michiko’s classes from Tokyo and further abroad. Designed with food lovers in mind, Michiko’s Japanese cooking classes will allow you to explore local Japanese ingredients, and will teach you the craft of balancing flavours while learning fundamental Japanese cooking techniques. Easy to follow recipes are provided.

Cooking is a science. Once you understand the science behind Japanese cooking, you can enjoy the taste of quality ingredients with minimal seasoning. Michiko’s Japanese background serves as a vast storehouse of knowledge and she regularly draws upon science secrets to create meals that are delicious and stylish yet healthy and well-balanced – the best of both worlds.

Features of Michiko’s Cooking Classes
- Hands-on classes in a friendly environment
- The classes are conducted in small groups
- Stylish, healthy and seasonal menus
- Friendly environment
- Introduction of Japanese cookware

Michiko Matsuda

Michiko Matsuda

Born in1955, Michiko grew up in Kamakura, Japan. After finishing her degree at Joshibi University of Art and Design, Michiko started to study Japanese and many other global cuisines under the Japanese culinary consultant, Mrs. Fusako Holthaus. Michiko opened her own cooking class in Tokyo in1983. Designed with food in mind, Michiko’s Japanese cooking classes have been allowing people to explore local Japanese ingredients and teach the craft of balancing flavours while learning fundamental Japanese cooking techniques. Easy to follow recipes are provided.

Jeannine’s Southeast Asian Cooking Classes in English

“Bringing Thai and Vietnamese flavors to your table”

Igniting the senses to create tasty Southeast Asian cuisine has been part of Jeannine’s culinary journey as she draws on her experience to help home cooks make Thai and Vietnamese dishes that are easy and fun to cook for friends and family.

Features of Jeannine’s Cooking Classes
- Small, hands-on classes in a friendly environment
- Easy to follow recipes
- Menus that balance flavors, tastes, and cooking techniques
- Introduction of where to buy Southeast Asian ingredients and how to store them

Jeannine Law-Smith

Jeannine Law-Smith
Born in Chicago, Jeannine has lived in Asia for 20 years and has had the opportunity to travel, eat, and cook in many Asian countries. She has been teaching cooking classes to students from all over the world for 10 years at The Pantry at Loewen Gardens in Singapore and Michiko Selection Studios in Tokyo. Her specialty is Thai and Vietnamese dishes using healthy, authentic ingredients to create recipes that are easy to make at home. She has a diploma in Culinary Arts and Operations from Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, a MBA from University of Washington, and a BSBA from Bowling Green State University.

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