Fall English Cooking Classes Schedule

Fall Cooking Classes at Michiko Selection Cooking Studio

Wondering what to cook for dinner? Join us for our Fall Japanese and Thai hands-on cooking classes at Michiko Selection cooking studio!  All classes are 11am-2 pm with a maximum of 7 students.  Class fee is ¥8,000.  Lunch and recipes are included. To register or for more information, please contact or click on Michiko Selection to go to the English cooking class webpage.

October Japanese Cooking Class
⚫︎Date: Monday, October 23rd
• 2 kinds of Karaage (marinated fried chicken)
• 2 kinds of Tamagoyaki (Dashi egg rolled omelet)
• Pickled cherry tomatoes
• Seasonal salad with roasted sesame dressing
• Black sesame rice
• Small dessert 
Teacher: Michiko Matsuda 

October Thai Cooking Class
⚫︎Date: Monday, October 30th
• Fried spring rolls
• Sweet and sour dipping sauce
• Spicy seafood glass noodle salad
• Mango pudding
Teacher: Jeannine Law-Smith

November Japanese Healthy Cooking Class
⚫︎Date: Tuesday, November 28th
• Salted seasonal fish
• Hijiki with carrot and fried tofu
• Grilled tofu with green onion, ground ginger, and soy sauce
• Grilled cabbage with dashi and bonito flakes
• Brown rice
Teacher: Michiko Matsuda

November Thai Cooking Class
⚫︎Date: Thursday, November 30th
3 Ways to Use Red Curry Paste 
• Red Curry Paste
• Red curry with chicken and eggplants
• Fish cakes
• Peanut sauce with pork, pineapple, and red pepper satays